Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Religious Symbols Provided to You On Your Tombstone by the US Military

These symbols now include the Wiccan Pentacle, as you may have recently heard in the news.

A lot of the other symbols are worth looking at too, though. The Christian Scientist symbol and the Muslim symbol that are not depicted "due to copyrights."

The Eckanar? The United Church of Religious Science?

Fear Not The Gods will investigate these religions further.

UPDATED: To me, what's interesting here is that in death, all these beliefs are treated the same. You get to check one box - you have a few square inches of logo space to express what you stood for. Atheism, Christianity, United Methodism, IZUMO TAISHAKYO MISSION OF HAWAII. "Religion," in a sense, is defined by what goes on your tombstone. It's like, in Jackson Mississippi, people ask you what's your name, where are you from, and what Church do you attend here in Jackson. "Temple Beth Israel" is a perfectly acceptable response to this question. Cause, duh, it's the Jewish church.


Mark said...

I like the atheist emblem. Click through to the link and check out the uber-science geeky "A" inside of an atomic symbol. Perhaps 1,000 years from now, archaelogists will discover a headstone with one of these on it and assume that the person died of radiation poisoning?

Betsy Willard said...

Heh. Blog tag is totally fun.