Thursday, March 1, 2007

Religious Updates

Article today about how the door-to-door proselytizing has been going for Mormons on the Upper East Side. Since everyone has doormen, it's hard to go door to door. Instead they stand on the street and hand out hot chocolate and stuff.

Also, according to the AP, a bunch of rabbis in Israel have decided they'd like to start sacrificing animals on the Temple Mount again. Great idea, guys.


Mark said...

Whoah. From the article:

"Missions last two years, during which missionaries cannot date, watch television, or read newspapers, magazines, or books other than scriptures and church-published works."

Also, it says that two missionaries, hustling on the street for one month, managed to produce 1 convert. I assume someone is doing a cost/benefit analysis of this and deciding that it's still worth it to try?

Hannah said...

Well, I guess it's nice that each soul is worth so much that it's worth doing. Speaking as someone who works in the religious community, my guess is that the higher-ups see it as being as much or more about cementing the loyalties of their youngsters as it is about converting new souls.

Mark said...

Agreed. Sigh, after only one year in the private sector the idea of "cost/benefit analysis" is so ingrained me that i apply it to, um, everything.

Smite me now.