Sunday, March 25, 2007

Oh Wow

Hi all,
I'd just like to point out that I posted this first blog entry at around 8:45. By 9:55, I received an actual comment on the entry by an actual Scientologist. Check it out below.


hartley said...

That would be because 'Greg' is employed by the Church of Scientology to answer criticism of it on the Internet. He searches diligently for mentions of the CoS in online newspapers, forums and blogs.
Best of luck with your Scientology research. Just remember, if they tell you the Pope's a Catholic, check it out before you believe them :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm a Scientologist and I'm neither a celebrity or do I work for the Church. I have had a lot of personal gain from my study of Scientology and honestly feel it has made my life better. No one can argue with that.

There seem to be some people out there who cannot stand that something might bring releif and benefit to people.

There seem to be people who have their own 'issues' with religion in general and have some how locked on Scientology as their own personal witchhunt.

I have found most of them to be liars when it comes to Scisntology. For example, in my years with the Church, I have never been forced into anything nor been asked to believe something just because someone else says so. No aliens either, sorry.

I invite anyone who is curious to simply look for themselves and not take other people's slant on Scientology. I did and I'm very much happier for doing so.